Clean Room Design / Clean Room Technology / Dry Room Design

The design of microelectronic fabrication buildings was in 1983 the nucleus for the forming of CRC Clean Room Consulting GmbH. Since then over 1,000 projects with clean rooms / clean room buildings with most diverse requirements have been carried out successfully with our clients.

Since 2018, CRC has been very successfully planning large-scale battery factories with battery cell production, F&A, M&P and the necessary supply centres.

The Filter-Fan-Unit (FFU), introduced to Europe by CRC, which combines filter and ventilator into one module, is in the meantime the standard in clean room technology.

Our references comprise clean rooms of ISO classes 1 – 9 / GMP A – D, clean rooms with temperature stability of ± 0.1 K as well as dry-room of < 1% relative humidity or dew-point temperature of -60 °C respectively.

CRC Clean Room Consulting GmbH

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